Cydia iOS 12

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For many years, we had jailbreaks as and when we wanted them. Whenever Apple released an update to the iOS, it was followed very quickly by a new utility; as hard as Apple tried to patch the exploits, a new one appeared. Now it looks like Apple has finally gotten the

Cydia iOS 11

iOS 11 download has, at long last been released. First announced in June, the latest firmware has undergone several beta versions and rigorous testing to ensure it is stable and ready for release. An awesome Cydia alternative for iOS 11 is Emus4U

Cydia Impactor

If you are an old-hand at jailbreaking, then you will remember a useful tool named Cydia Impactor. It used to be the tool to use if you wanted to remove a jailbreak without affecting the iOS version you were running on your iOS device, thus allowing

Cydia iOS 10.3.3

iOS 10.3.3 download has been released and is available for download now. With iOS 10.3.3 release we have a good Cydia alternative called Emus4U app. iOS 10 has been one of the most updated versions of the iOS, both in terms of the number

Cydia iOS 9.3.5

When PPHelper jailbreak was released for iOS 9.3.3, it was welcomed with open arms, given that it was the first update to Cydia for some time. It was patched up very quickly with iOS 9.3.4 but a subsequent update to the jailbreak gave it unofficial support

Emus4u App Installer

Jailbreaking isn’t doing too well at the moment and hasn’t been since iOS 11 . Unfortunately, Yalu can only be used by a small handful of users and this has promoted the release of several app installers, including TutuApp and now Emus4U.


With jailbreaking seemingly dying a slow and painful death, we’ve been forced to look elsewhere and, thankfully, several app installers have been released recently, like TutuApp, AppValley and, the latest one, TweakBox. Jailbreaking