Whats is Cydia ?

There is only one reason to jailbreak; to access the Cydia jailbreak store and choose from thousands of different apps, tweaks, and modifications to turn out iOS device into what we want them to be. Apple laces some very tough chains around the iOS to stop us doing what we want and repeatedly fails to provide us with decent features in the stock apps and this is why Cydia was developed. Right now, there are several ways to get Cydia, depending on what iOS version you are on.

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What is Cydia ?

Cydia is the jailbreakers app store, like the iOS store but with a lot more to choose form in terms of modifications and new features, including a great choice of ring tones and themes. Most people jailbreak to download tweaks which modify how their device works in terms of better app switchers, more features on the lock screen and easier access to commonly used settings toggles. While you could argue that this sort of thing is already available on the iOS, it isn’t at the same level as what Cydia provides.

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Where Did Cydia Come From ?

Cydia was developed by Jay Freeman, otherwise known as Saurik. The name itself comes from the Codling Moth, aka Cydia Pomonella which translates exactly to “the worm in the apple”. Saurik developed Cydia in 2008 and, within 3 years, it was registering more than 4 million users every week, a testament to how strongly users felt about Apple’s restrictions. Today, it is the most popular of all the unofficial app stores and it can only be got by installing one of the available jailbreaks.

What Can I Get in Cydia ?

To be fair, what can’t you get? Cydia is full of all sorts of app, tweaks, mods, themes, and much more besides. Here’s an overview of what you will find in Cydia:

  • Themes – Apple provides little in the way of themes for iOS devices but Cydia contains hundreds to choose from. Install WinterBoard from Cydia and gain access to every theme you could possibly want including a whole host of lock screen themes 
  • Tweaks – These give you options to change how things look, like your icons and font sizes, placement of icons, carrier logos, battery indicators and all sorts of other little tweaks that make life easier for you
  • Apps – these are designed to change the way certain things work on the iOS device, such as a better app switcher, more functional Messages app, the way your lock screen works, how you connect your device to the internet, and much more besides 

In short, Cydia gives your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch a whole new meaning, more functionality, and better features and, if you can think of something you want your device to do, Cydia will have an app for that.

How Do I Use Cydia ?

Cydia is very simple to use once you know your way around it. When you open it, you will see several things:

  • Sections – the first place to visit, especially for Cydia newbies. Everything is in categories and you can search for what you want
  • Search – if you know the name of the tweak or app you want, here’s where to find it 
  • Manage – you can add new repositories here and edit existing ones, and you can see if you have sufficient space to download a new app or get rid of stuff you no longer need.

What Are Repositories ?

Think of them as little storage boxes, in this case, where all the apps and tweaks are stored. Cydia comes with several default repositories and most people will find everything they want in those. You can add new one but you should only do this if you are certain the new one can be trusted

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    1. Please see the Cydia Download page . enter your iOS version in the search box and hit go , you will find the how to tutorial.

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