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If you are an old-hand at jailbreaking, then you will remember a useful tool named Cydia Impactor. It used to be the tool to use if you wanted to remove a jailbreak without affecting the iOS version you were running on your iOS device, thus allowing you to rejailbreak if you wanted to. That tool has now been renamed as Cydia Eraser and the original Cydia Impactor now does something completely different. The developer is Jay Freeman or Saurik as you may know him and he redeveloped Cydia Impactor into a tool used for side-loading unsigned .ipa files onto an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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Cydia Impactor works with any unsigned .ipa file, including the latest spate of jailbreaks, all of which require Cydia Impactor to get them on your device; here’s how to use it .

How to use Cydia Impactor :

  1. Download Cydia Impactor for [ Mac ] or [ Windows ] operating system 
  2. Download the .ipa file that you are trying to install
  3. Open Cydia Impactor on your computer
  4. Locate the .ipa file you downloaded and drag it to the open Cydia Impactor Window; drop it in [ e.g. Yalu ] 
  5. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer and wait for Cydia Impactor to detect it
  6. Now you will see an Apple warning window; just click OK 
  7. Type in your valid Apple ID and password, click OK. This is required for Cydia Impactor to work and, if you don’t want to use your real account, set up a dummy account before you begin 
  8. Cydia Impactor will now begin to prepare the .ipa file for digital signing and installation to your device. So long as all goes smoothly, the app will be installed onto your device.
  9. Do not open the app at this stage. First, go to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management 
  10. Find the certificate for the app you just installed and tap the Trust button
  11. Exit Settings and you can now begin to use the app

This is becoming the preferred method for installing jailbreaks these days, as well as many others, so it is a method we need to get used to using. Let us know if you intend to use it to install unsigned .ipa files onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and how you get on with it. If you come up against any errors, do tell us and, for more updates and information like this, follow us on Facebook .

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      1. Please help
        I tried pervious 8/9 days
        But it dsnt not
        I have iphone 6 ios 10.3.2

  1. It does not work it puts me on a page with written : invalid offsets you must provide 13 offsets
    What should i do ?????????

    1. Have you tried the fix offsets not found error on the bottom of this article . we have updated it a week ago with the solution to your error.

  2. “Error

    application already installed as incompatible team”

    What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?

  3. I followed the steps to my success. But why didnt it install the premium features like I ment it to? Help?

  4. I get the following error message

    Please sign in with an app specific password.
    You can create one at

    Please help

  5. am getting this error

    You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending
    certificate request

  6. i got this error

    ios/addAppId =9313
    The ‘Network Extensions’ feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program. Please visit developer on apple to enroll

  7. I keep getting this error anything else I nee to try?
    ios/addAppId =9313
    The ‘Network Extensions’ feature is only available to users enrolled in Apple Developer Program.

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