Jailbreaking is at its lowest point right now, lower than it has been in many years. We do have Yalu jailbreak, but it is only supported on some devices, leaving lots of people without any access to Cydia or to their favorite apps and tweaks. Its little wonder then that so many app installers have been released, installers like TutuApp [ext link] that provide us with quite a bit of Cydia content. None of the content that you can install through TutuApp may be found anywhere in the app store and that leads to a big problem. Because you need to use your Apple ID to install TutuApp, any apps installed will crash every 7 days or so.

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Because all the apps that come through TutuApp are independent and not found in the iOS app store, Apple doesn’t see them as valid. This is because Apple doesn’t sign the certificates and so, after you install them, Apple will trawl for invalid certificates and revoke them, and they will do them regularly. So, whenever you reinstall your apps, Apple will pull them again and you are left having to start over , very time. By installing NessTool you can stop that from happening.

What is NessTool ?

NessTool [ext link] is a tool that works to protect any apps installed through TutuApp by placing a VPN onto your iPhone or iPad. Part of the download process will involve you having to give permission for a VPN configuration to be created and, once you give your permission, NessTool will begin working. It will work all the time your device is powered on, in the background, taking up little resources and not getting in the way of anything else you do.

The VPN hides the app certificates and that means that, when Apple looks for them, they won’t find them, and they can’t revoke them. However, it only works on apps you already have on your device when you install NessTool but, should you add any more after, simply delete NessTool and start again.

How to Download NessTool :

Forget about getting NessTool from the iOS app store; you won’t find it. Instead, you can follow the tutorial at the following link to install it on your iOS device:

Be aware that NessTool will only work on TutuApp so you will need to install Anti Revoke if you use AppValley, Emus4U, TweakBox or any other app installer.

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