In the last 18 months or so, the number of jailbreaks on offer have declined rapidly and this is down to a couple of factors. First, it’s no secret that Apple is dead against jailbreaking and have always said that they will eventually put a stop to it. With iOS 10, they introduced new security features and that is when the jailbreak started to fail. We saw one jailbreak for iOS 10, Yalu jailbreak issued by Luca Todesco and that only worked on a handful of devices. Second, we seem to have a severe lack of developers who want to produce a working jailbreak, with plenty being shown off but none being made available. Because there are so many users left without access to Cydia, several app installers have now been released offering a range of Cydia apps and tweaks, along with other content and one of the most comprehensive is Tutu App Installer.

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What is TutuApp VIP ?

TutuApp [ext link] is an installer that is packed with useful Cydia apps and tweaks, modified apps like Spotify++, Instagram++ and Pokémon Go++, along with loads of other content, some of which is premium app store content for free. Unlike many other installers, TutuApp VIP does not ask for your Apple ID when you download it, so your warranty remains safe. Some of the other features of TutuApp include:

TutuApp VIP Features :

  • Easy to download and install
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Free to use 
  • Fastest download speeds
  • Updated every day with new content, providing one of the best sources of third-party content anywhere
  • Premium and paid apps, all yours for free
  • Will work even if you already have a jailbreak – some installers will not
  • Fully optimized for the iPad and iPhone as well as for PC
  • Built-in cache cleaner
  • Built-in memory optimizer
  • Plenty more features to discover

Now that we are looking at a future with fewer jailbreaks, third-party app installers are going to become more common and TutuApp VIP is one of the best. It may not be as in-depth as Cydia, but it does offer a great choice of apps and games and is more comprehensive than many of its counterparts.

How to Download TutuApp :

TutuApp will work on all iOS devices, whether they are jailbroken or not, just about anyone can use it, but it can’t be downloaded from the iOS app store. It is easy to do though so if you click the link below, you will find a full step by step tutorial along with lots of other information to help you :

Fix TutuApp Crashing :

Because of the way you must download TutuApp VIP, it is going to stop working within a week. Why? Because Apple revokes the certificates for all unofficial apps and TutuApp falls into that category. There is a way to stop this; simply install NessTool [ext link] VPN tool and your app certificates will be protected from being revoked. Click the given link for more details.

TutuApp Alternatives :

If TutuApp VIP doesn’t have the apps or games you are looking for there are other alternatives, each offering something different. Have a look at these:

  • Emus4U offers a range of games emulators along with other Cydia and app store content, modified apps and other apps and games 
  • AppValley comprehensive app installer with a handful of Cydia tweaks, paid content for free, modified apps and other apps you won’t find anywhere else

Tell us how you get on with TutuApp VIP and what you think of it and follow us on Facebook for more updates and news.

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